Called after an one-horse desert town 500kms from Adelaide, Parachilna started at Milan Style Week in 2014 with an enviable assortment of lamps, by a similarly enviable trio of designers: Jordi Veciana, Stephen Burks and Jaime Hayon. The reaction from the design community was immediate; Parachilna was a studio to consider.

For the 1st collection, each designer brought their particular signature to the forms they designed: Hayon’s curvaceous range using Venetian ceramics, with brass and glass. Aballs collection includes a pendant and wall lamps, a desk lamp and a grand chandelier. While his glossy ceramic Chinoz table lamp is influenced by Chinese ginger pots. Veciana developed the Alistair collection for Parachilna utilizing a glass cylinder wrapped around a thin metal framework in brass or graphite electroplated steel. And Burks utilized three geometric forms: the sphere, cigar and saucer to make the Anwar collection in woven cable and finished in dark, copper, or golden electroplating.

With this pioneering collection, Parachilna has already been well on the true way to becoming among the great European luxury light studios.

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